South Auckland Estate Lawyer For Wills and Planning


South Auckland Estate Lawyer – Elder Law


Estate law (also known as Estate Planning) is a wide-ranging law area that revolves around the care of the person and their assets especially after their death. In a nutshell, the law generally governs the wishes of a person after death. The process involves setting down some specific procedures to complete/close/end business and personal affairs. At first, finding a South Auckland estate lawyer to arrange and manage your estate may seem complicated, but in fact, an easy thing to do.


What Is The Work Of An Estate Lawyer?

An estate lawyer has many tasks to perform, like defending or making a claim on behalf of the estate, estate management, making a Will, appointing a South Auckland estate lawyer to act on your behalf when incapacitated, and protecting assets.


An experienced estate administrator and lawyer will also explain your liabilities and responsibilities. They are in a better position to obtain formal administration (Letters of Administration or Probate) from the High Court when required, paying estate debts, bringing in the asses, filing tax returns, and distributing assets to beneficiaries as per your wishes.


WillsOn the other hand, estate planning goes beyond creating a Will. It involves the creation of legal documents and processes that you wish to follow after passing away.  It also ensures that all assets are properly distributed and ensure loved ones are taken care of as per your request.


While filling legal documents and following different processes, your estate lawyer will help you consider all possible eventualities and plan accordingly upon your death. These also include plans such as taxation obligations, funeral expenses, and any other estate obligation relating to your estate. This will help you understand the impact that comes with distributing your assets to beneficiaries.


Estate planning is essential, especially if you were married, have children from other relationships, are still married, or are self-employed. Estate planning will shield your loved one from a lot of legal and financial problems upon your passing, like preventing creditors from contesting personal assets.


The Work Of An Estate Lawyer

South Auckland Estate LawyersBecause in most cases, the appointed executors in a Will are friends or family members; they are not familiar with the law and responsibilities of undertaking such tasks. For this reason, an estate lawyer will help provide the guidance needed through the whole process and prepare the required documents.


Therefore, the distinctive services offered will include obtaining probate (this is a legal document that allows or approves one to act on behalf of the deceased in assessing, collecting, administering, and distributing estate after all requirements have been met), and estate administration.


You will need someone to negotiate on your behalf and guide you through the whole process.  This is why it is paramount to have a good and compassionate estate lawyer in your corner. The lawyer must be experienced, professional and approach each case with the attention and sensitivity needed.  The term experience refers to knowledge, skill, and expertise in dealing with complicated estates.


Estate planning is an area that demands constant reviews and revision to take into account emerging issues, new assets, and changing financial circumstances. Everything must be up to date with new legislative and taxation changes.


For help with estates and wills, McVeagh Fleming is a well-established South Auckland estate lawyer.

McVeagh Fleming.

Hiring A Professional New Lynn Painter


DIY House Painting Or Hiring A Professional New Lynn Painter

If you are ready to improve the outward appearance of your home, it might be time to paint the exterior. This can be a very demanding job, one that may take several days of your time, which is why many people avoid this type of project. If you have some experience painting houses, this might be easy for you. You simply have to obtain the paint, brushes, and all of the other accessories that are needed. The other option that you have is to hire a professional New Lynn painter. These are experts in this industry that can get this done at a cost. If you are trying to decide whether a DIY house painting project or hiring a professional would be better, let’s look at what your options really are.

Why You Should Paint Your Home On Your Own

New Lynn PainterThere are several reasons why people choose this option. First of all, it is far less expensive than hiring a professional painter. You are not going to have to pay for the labour. You simply have to buy all of the paints and tools needed to paint your house. You could go to a local home improvement store to get them all. As long as you have a few weekends free, you and your family could likely paint your house at a substantially discounted price.

Why You Should Hire A Professional New Lynn Painter

Hiring a New Lynn painter is also a good idea. It just depends on your situation. For those that do not have a lot of extra time, this is the best option. If you have the money to pay a painter to paint your house, this is something that you should do. You will also know that the job will be done correctly, with the proper type of paint, and will likely last for many years or even a decade.

Problems With Do-It-Yourself House Painting Projects

There are three reasons that you should avoid doing this yourself if that is what you are considering. First of all, you may have never done this before. You may not realize how much prep work is needed to prepare the house for painting. Second, if you do not know how to fix problems like dry rot or boards that have been damage, this is something you should avoid. Finally, if you are always busy, this is not a good option at all. You will likely never get it done.

Problems With Hiring A Professional Painter

There are also a couple problems associated with hiring a professional painter. The first one is going to be the money. If you do not have thousands of extra dollars to pay one of these companies, you don’t want to go into debt simply to paint your home. Second, if you pay someone to paint your house, they may not complete the job. If they do, it might not be what you were expecting. If you decide to do this, you will be in full control over the outcome that you are expecting.

What Is The Right Choice To Make?

Professional New Lynn PainterIf you want to paint your house, and not spend a substantial amount of money, doing this on your own would be the best choice. On the other hand, if you do have the money to pay a painter, and not a lot of time, then this choice would be the optimal one.

Deciding on whether to paint your own home, or to hire someone to do it, can be a difficult decision. However, by assessing this choice based upon the information presented, the best choice for you will be obvious. Either way, once the job is completed, your house will look fantastic. Whether you decide to commence upon a DIY house painting project, or just hire a professional New Lynn painter, we painting your home will help preserve it and help it look its best.

Auckland Dispute Resolution Lawyers


Ways Auckland Dispute Resolution Lawyers Can Stop Disputes Getting To Court

Let’s assume you are dealing with a dispute that is taking up time and you don’t want to go to court.


Legal DisputesIn this situation, you are going to have multiple options to consider and it’s always smart to consult with your lawyer. The legal professional is going to have a finger on the pulse of this case making it easier to decide one way or another.


Take the opportunity to sit down with your Auckland dispute resolution lawyers and go through the following options if you don’t want to head to court in the future.



This is a common solution where both parties take the time to see what their options are before coming to terms on a settlement. Rather than having a judge decide on what is going to happen, it is easier for both parties to see whether or not they can settle.


This is often done when one party is looking to bring things down to a certain level while the other doesn’t want to be dragged through court proceedings.


Auckland dispute resolution lawyers can help go through the legal nuances of settlements while making sure their client gets a fair deal.



This is an option where you are going to get a third-part mediator involved to see whether or not things can work out between both parties.


The mediator is going to be a professional that is going to have a neutral position when it comes to the situation at hand. They are then going to sit down with both parties to see what can be done to keep things out of court.


This is always going to vary depending on the case but it can be a good launching pad to push things along.



Yes, this is a potential option that is available depending on the case at hand.


Auckland Dispute Resolution LawyersThe idea is as simple as it sounds. Both parties are going to take the time to negotiate based on the terms that are in place. This can make it easier to find a way to get to that all-important middle ground so both parties can move forward without having to drag things into court. This is far better for both parties and is going to keep things as organized as they need to be. Plus, it can save quite a bit of time and money over the long-term.


Final Thoughts On Auckland Dispute Resolution Lawyers

These are the details that matter when it is time to figure things out and keep your case out of court.


While it is always going to depend on both parties and their perspective, the goal should remain to keep things out of court for as long as possible. There is little value in dragging things to court unless you feel it is the only way forward. This is why you have to stay patient, look at your options, and find Auckland dispute resolution lawyers that is willing to work with you.


McVeagh Fleming has an experienced team of dispute resolution lawyers who will be able to help you.

North Shore divorce lawyer – holiday stresses


Why Are Cases of Separation And Divorce More Prevalent During The Holidays?

Holidays are regarded as a time for family togetherness, but they oddly have become known as the period when most divorces and family separations happen. A divorce or separation will mostly result in legal tussles that require the expertise of a North Shore divorce lawyer to mediate. But what are some of the reasons such cases tend to occur during the holiday season? A North Shore divorce lawyer has a few insights.


  1. Being Together For Long

North Shore DivorceFamily togetherness implies being there for each other, for better or worse. Couples or families that spend most of their time away from each other value the holidays because these are when they get together. Such closeness to each other warms the heart and will help those who have not been getting along well to mend things. But then again, being too much together for a while will see issues such as fighting for control of the TV, arguments of the split of household chores, and even feeling of lack of enough “me” time. At times, the differences can reach a point where the relationship needs to end for the good of all.


  1. Too Much Responsibility

Holiday seasons can quickly turn into a chaotic period. They may be a time for joyful sessions spent with family, and kids have a blast, but the same cannot be said for the parents. Things are worse when the weight of responsibilities and different tasks rest on one parent more than the other. It is a situation that causes the other to feel resented and grow tired of their partner. It is a matter that naturally leads to heated arguments can result in disagreements leading to separation or divorce.


  1. More Socialising

The family will feel bigger during the holidays as friends, and even in-laws come together. Such a gathering means people will be socialising, but this may not be the best time for such a thing for some people. For instance, a couple may not be at the best point in their relationship, thus not talking with each other. But come the holidays and one person is extremely happing chatting and catching up with friends and relatives at parties while the other is withdrawn and feeling spiteful. Such a thing leads to anger and resentment that balloons over time until it bursts.


  1. Children At Home From School

Schools are closed during the holidays, and that means children will mostly be at home for that period. If they cannot go about to play, then they are stuck indoor with their parents. Subsequently, they do not get to unleash their youthful energies. The encaged holiday excitement, coupled with an abundance of sugary treats and lack of toys, may intensify bad behaviour. The parent will be tasked with ensuring their kids stay in check and will not have a lot of time for themselves. Having to deal with overly excited children with pent-up holiday energies can have its toll on most parents’ mental and emotional state, making them wish they could ditch their parental and spousal woes and leave the family.


  1. Financial Matters

Money, or the lack thereof, is one of the most significant reasons families separate and couples divorce. Holidays are synonymous with spending money. And since families have their respective monetary burdens, the cost of getting the kids or other family members, some gifts can be stressful and overwhelming. It can push some people to feel unappreciated when they do not get the best gifts, and this has led to cases of separation and divorce.


  1. The Strain Of Having Stress

North Shore divorce lawyerThe inherent stresses of the holiday season can have some people on edge. They will lack the patience for some of the smaller issues, and this can have them easily enrages as the strain mounts. As such, they will often look at the negatives instead of the positives of life, thus reaching the notion that they are in a failing or failed relationship.


If you are suffering this holiday period and are looking for some advice on separating, contact McVeagh Fleming, one of the biggest law firms with a number of experienced  North Shore divorce lawyers.

Auckland Professional Carpet Cleaning Company


How To Tell A Good Auckland Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Auckland Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Choosing your carpet cleaners is easy, provided that you know what to look for in a good service provider. The wrong choice may have disastrous consequences. Ruining an expensive carpet is easier than you can imagine. This article will show you how to choose a professional Auckland carpet cleaning company, in order to have the peace of mind that your carpets will get the best possible treatment.


To start with, keep in mind that you’ll want to find someone as close to your place as possible. Carpet cleaning is a local business, so you should try to keep their commuting time at a minimum. Besides, no contractor will agree to spend hours in traffic jams only to get to your place to clean your two or three carpets.

The good news is that any Google search for a “professional Auckland carpet cleaning company” will return some custom results to match your geographic location. Keep an eye on Google’s sponsored ads and business listings, as they may belong to some of the best carpet cleaners in your neighborhood. Google My Business pages have a very interesting feature: they enable users to rate and review the services of those businesses. This will enable you to see at a glance how good a contractor is and how happy their customers are. However, a word of warning. Some GMB listings are not actual businesses but fake listings.


When choosing someone to clean your carpets, make sure that you check their background, their work experience, but also their equipment and cleaning methods. If you do care for the environment and for the health and well-being of your family, you should seek directly for green providers who use only environment-friendly cleaning methods and substances. Steam cleaning, for instance, is one of the least harmful methods, as it only uses water and steam power to clean and disinfect carpets, upholstery, and other similar materials. In addition, steaming doesn’t damage the carpet fibers, so it is one of the safest cleaning methods available today.


A good carpet cleaning company should also show a good understanding of the needs of their clients. They should be able to listen to their clients and to come up with services and offers that address their main issues and concerns. Besides, they should carefully select their employees, in order to ensure that their clients will be safe. Taking into consideration that the teams of cleaners enter homes and may get in contact with children, it comes without saying that they need to be well-behaved, honest, and polite. Punctuality is another thing to look for, if you want to have a good experience with your carpet cleaning service. When you are always on a busy schedule, the last thing you want is to wait for half an hour for the cleaners to get to your place.


These are the main things to look for in a dependable and professional carpet cleaning company. Before hiring anyone, take time to search for customer reviews. This is the best research work you can ever do, as it can offer you the information and the insight you need to make a great choice.


One of Auckland’s best rated professional carpet cleaning companies is Go Green Carpet Cleaning. They operate all over Auckland and even better, they only use environmentally-friendly cleaning agents.

Albany debt collection lawyer


Quickly find an Albany debt collection lawyer

When should you call an Albany debt collection lawyer? That is a very important question for anyone who might be reading this article. For anyone who might be reading this article it is likely because they are in a situation where a lawyer will be able to help them. People do not find articles like this by mistake. People typically find an article like this in their time of need. Nobody reads an article like this when everything is working out well. That might sound a little bit doom and gloom but needing a debt collection lawyer means that you now have the opportunity to work with a professional who can truly help you.


If you think that you might need an Albany debt collection lawyer, you typically do. It’s not the question about when should you call one, is how quickly you need to call one. When it comes to the debt collection it is not something that you want to take your time with. Instead you want to find a lawyer as quickly as possible. You should not ever let these things linger for too long. If you let things linger for too long things will only get worse for you. So quickly find a collection lawyer who can help you out.


Angry Businessman

Do people owe money to your business?

As you look for a debt collection lawyer, make sure that you find the right one for your job. When something you have to realize is that not all debt collection lawyers are created equally. Some are really good at it with he do, some are really average and some are not worth your time or your money. Taking the time to properly research the various lawyers who are available in your city will be time well spent. Because finding the right lawyer is one of the most important things.


How does one find the right debt collection lawyer for the job? It all comes down to the research that you will do over the Internet. Looking for lawyers who have the best reputation and the best track record. It might all start with a Google search seeking all the debt collection lawyers in your city and filtering down your list to those who have the best reputation via the information that you can find about them on the Internet.


Albany debt collection lawyerAlternatively, you can choose to go with the company who we represent. Why might you want to use this company? You might choose to use this company because you can verify their reputation and track record quickly over the Internet. Learning who they are, learning what to expect from them. Allowing you quickly to know that they are well qualified for the job. Perhaps you might want to start your search for an Albany debt collection lawyer right there. It will definitely put you in the best position. Put this information that you have read in this article and two very good use. Quickly finding the right lawyer for the job. Knowing that you will be working with one of the best.


McVeagh Fleming in Albany is the leading debt collection lawyer in the area.

Auckland water damage repair


5 Things You Should Do If Your Carpet Gets Water Damage

The carpeting in your home is a very big investment and something that you are probably quite proud of. Beautiful, comfortable carpeting is one accessory that can have a great effect on the aesthetic value and appearance of your house. However, owning and maintaining carpeting does come with its own challenges. This is especially the case if you have had water damage in Auckland homes.

Auckland water damageCarpets face lots of issues and trouble regularly. A good example of a situation that can leave you bewildered is when a lot of water gets onto your carpeting because of either a leak in your plumbing or flooding. This is a problem commonly known as water damage to carpets.

Carpets are not designed to withstand exposure to water and moisture for a long time and you should therefore do everything possible to prevent further damage and attempt to restore it at once. To help you along the way, here are some things you can do if your carpets get water damage.

  1. Stop The Water Flow

The first step that you need to take is to stop the source of the water. If you fail to stop the flow of water from continuing to flood your carpeting you will be ruining your carpets further and will need to keep repeating the process.

  1. Take Items Off The Carpeting

You should also take anything off the carpeting that is wet such as furniture and allow it to dry on its own. This helps to prevent the spread of mould from the carpeting to your belongings and vice versa. It also makes it easier to extract water from the carpet and dry it.

  1. Water Extraction

Water damage on carpeting worsens the longer you let the water soak the carpet. This can even damage the carpet fibres which is never good. Extracting water immediately helps to limit the effects of water damage and makes the process of restoring your carpet easier.

  1. Carpet Disinfection

Once you have managed to remove the water from your carpeting, you must never forget to disinfect it to make it hygienic once more. The water can bring bacteria and moulds so you need to be alert and ensure that you disinfect the carpeting to avoid having an unhygienic carpet and avoid getting sick.

  1. Contacting A Professional Water Damage Restoration Service

When it comes to dealing with the water damage on your carpet, it is important to engage the services of a professional. This is particularly important if you are not proficient in cleaning your carpet. A professional water damage restoration company will come in, clean the damage, and restore your carpeting to the pre-damage state without any hassle. This is an excellent way to ensure that you solve the problem at hand without the need to do it all yourself.

Final Thoughts on Auckland Water Damage

Water damage can be devastating to your carpets. However, you can remedy the situation by ensuring that you take proper care of your water damaged carpets by following the steps outlined in this article. It is the best thing that you can do for your very expensive and cherished investment that is your carpet.

For support and fast response to your Auckland water damage, visit this site. Recent flooding in New Lynn, Auckland.

Auckland water damage

North Shore Lawyer


Lawyers And Some Key Areas They Can Help

When you have any sort of legal problem, your lawyer will be a breath of fresh air. This is why some of the most successful people in the world have a team of lawyers on retainer, or they at least know to pick up the phone to get in touch with them the moment a situation arises. There are a lot of key areas in which a lawyer becomes important. You should read some of this information to get an idea of how a North Shore lawyer team will help you.

Even if you are a typically law-abiding citizen, you never know when trouble can be around the corner. For instance, you may have never broken a law in your life, but might get stopped at an alcohol checkpoint after having one beer. If you had a beer recently, it might create a false positive for the breathalyzer test, leaving you with a charge drinking and driving charge. In that case, the best thing that you will need is a North Shore lawyer who will be able to come to your aid at once.

By having a lawyer on your team are ready, they will typically be willing to wake up in the middle of the night to come to the jail and make sure that you are not being intimidated or forced to make any sort of confession. It is important that you not say anything without a lawyer present, but this was down to you having a lawyer on your side you are able to trust. This is one area of many that a lawyer would come in handy. The last thing you want is to have a criminal record due to some bogus charges, but sometimes innocent people get convicted when they do not have the right legal representation.

If you frequently handle money, business contracts or real estate transactions, you will definitely need a lawyer on your team. The laws in these areas change much and are so detailed that you will need someone who can interpret these contracts for you and make sure that you are always keeping tabs on the right points. Having a good lawyer on your side will also prevent you from being taken advantage of business dealings, since your lawyer will be able to watch and make sure that everything is above board. This is a situation when it pays to have a lawyer on retainer, because they will be able to handle a number of different contracts for you whenever you need them. This allows you to take a problem-solving approach with your business dealings, to make sure that you are in good hands and able to masterfully navigate the business atmosphere in front of you.

North Shore business lawyerWith this said, it is important to hire lawyers with specific areas of interest in certain cases. For instance, you would never hire a general practice lawyer to handle your divorce case. Divorces can get so nasty and they require the help of someone who specifically practices family law and divorce cases. This is especially important if you have children in the marriage and need to be sure that you are defending your right as a parent. Despite the clear divorce and child care laws in NZ, people still need the help of a lawyer to make sure the other side is not trying to take advantage of them.

There are many more examples of when a lawyer can help you especially in the business environment. All of these things come into play as you navigate the legal landscape and look to make the most of the various situations you find yourself in through life. As you can see, it is critically important to become familiar with lawyers and how they can help.

One North Shore lawyer that has plenty of knowledge and experience across the spectrum of legal matters is McVeagh Fleming based in Albany. They have a team of specialist lawyers who have successful case histories in many varied legal issues. Click here for more information.

Dispute Lawyer in Auckland


Breach Of Turnover Warranty and Other Things You Need To Know When Buying A Business

John Burley

John Burley

Acquiring a new business is quite exciting to entrepreneurs. However, when you are buying a pre-existing business, the rules change a little bit, and you have to be even more careful than when you are setting up the business for yourself. Here are a few tips that will guide you to avoid the common pitfalls that many people face.

Knowing Exactly What You Are Buying

Well, it is obvious that if you are interested in investing in a restaurant, you will approach people that are selling already established restaurants. However, seeing the building and the workers and customer does not mean that you understand exactly what you are purchasing. You need to take time and have the business assets assessed by a professional. This will help you figure out whether the business is profitable or not. In addition, it will help you avoid the mistakes of paying more than what the business is actually worth. Make sure that besides the assets, the intellectual property and systems that support the business are legal and successful.

The Importance Of Due Diligence

You as the buyer need to learn that the seller will be presenting the prettiest face of the business because they are marketing it. As wrong as it sounds, it is your job as the buyer to dig up the dirt. There are a few steps you can take to learn the business in a deeper manner.

  • Contact the suppliers to the business, take time and ask them what they think about the business in general. Ask them whether they foresee a bright future for the establishment. Listen to what they have to say about the profitability of the business and whether it is a good idea to invest in it.
  • Legal diligence: every year, lots of people find themselves in complicated legal situations when they acquire businesses that have not been operating in full compliance with the laws of the New Zealand. Make sure that the business assets are really owned by the people selling the business. Also, ensure that the owners comply with tax laws and other legal business requirements.

Breach Of Turnover Warranty

So, let us imagine that you have spotted a great business you would like to buy, you have done your due diligence, and you have approached the owners. Fortunately, they were also looking for a buyer, and they engage you in the sale process.

One of the first steps is to arrange for a turnover warranty. This document confirms that the sales or turnover figures in the sale agreement are accurate. The turnover warranty should stipulate whether GST is included or not. You can then ask your accountant to look through the books and verify the turnover figures are accurate. However, you may find after the fact, that the turnover was not as claimed. Perhaps there was a significant one-off transaction which inflated the figures. The seller might be in breach of the warranty and signed contract, so what do you do?

The best step is to talk to your lawyer. For Auckland lawyers, dealing with disputes is one of the main areas of work including breach of turnover warranty or falsifying sales figures. A good dispute lawyer will have worked on similar cases and will be able to advise you on your options. Each case will be different so you cannot simply assume that you have a good case.

If you have purchased for which you feel there was a breach of turnover warranty, a well-respected dispute lawyer in Auckland is McVeagh Fleming. They have offices in the CBD and also in Albany. You can get more information about them from their website

Property listing for Ellerslie


Reasons Why You Need A Real Estate Agent When Looking For Property in Ellerslie


If you are in the market for a new home or property, then the question you may be asking yourself is if you need an Mt Wellingtonagent or not. There are many ways that you can find your own property, especially through online sources or even in the newspapers. However, even though you can look for properties on your own without the help of an agent, having one is simply invaluable and highly recommended. In this article, we will be getting into the details of why you should consider hiring a real estate agent as oppose to going it alone when looking for Ellerslie property.


If you engage a real estate agent you must make sure they are licensed Real Estate Agents who have passed the exams of the New Zealand Real Estate Institute exams. They will have a License number so make sure they show this to you so that you know they are a  bona fide real estate agent and not someone out to make a quick buck.


The first reason is that real estate agents are experts in finding, buying and selling real estate. If you are a newbie and are looking for a property in certain areas, then you are guaranteed special expertise when hiring an agent. These agents have special knowledge that most people will not have about the area. For example, despite people thinking they or believing they know how much their home is worth, they are usually wrong but a good real estate agent  would know the typical market prices of homes since they will have already seen the interior of many of the properties in that area. This will help to save you time and energy as they will be able to tell you right away what you can expect as well as whether you can afford a property there or not.


Another reason why you should hire a real estate agent is that they have much easier access to homes. Most sellers will easily and quickly give access to their homes to real estate agents, however, they are much less likely to do the same for an unlicensed stranger. As a result, as an individual, you will find it very challenging to actually see the interior of many examples of Ellerslie property which can heavily impede your property search. A real estate agent will ensure you see every property that you’re interested in and will work out all the details with the seller.


Thirdly, a real estate agent will act as your advocate and help to negotiate terms as well as the price if you are interested in a particular property. Buying a home is the largest purchase that most people will make in a lifetime, and as a result, it can be a very emotional and confusing process. However, with decent Ellerslie real estate agents, they will be able to take a balanced and impartial look at your situation and help you to easily navigate the purchase while ensuring that your best interests are served and you get the best deal possible.


In closing, when it comes to buying a new home or Ellerslie property, it can be daunting for a first time buyer. Even if you have done it a couple of times, the process can be quite stressful without an experienced real estate agent to guide you through. However, once you do hire an agent, I am positive that you will have a much easier time finding the property of your dreams while maintaining your budget and keeping your stress levels low.


For more information about real estate in the Ellerslie area, try contacting Mark Tung on