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Why A Jeweller’s Advice Is Important When Picking An Engagement Ring

Picking an engagement ring is quiet a difficult process for any man. It is filled with conflicting emotions and not an ideal context for him. To start with, the process is filled with so much anxiety and excitement so therefore, in spite of the sky high expectations and happiness that comes with it, picking the ring is what could be the most difficult of them all. Here are some insights for men in NZ, engagement ring shopping.

There are several things you should do before walking into a jewellery store but once there, do not underestimate just how much a jeweller’s advice may mean to you. Find a friendly jeweller and you will find this challenging experience more than smooth. Here are some things you should have done before visiting a jewellery store:

– Be very keen every time she is speaking about jewellery. Observe what she wears regularly so that you can know what her style is. Is she a vintage chic? Does she like shiny metals? Is she gold or silver? Be very observant and take notes as this is the first guide to picking the right ring.

– The next thing you should do is consult her friends. Girls go out for shopping with girls and therefore it is highly likely that her friends know what she loves so would be in a better position to guide you. She could have even mentioned to her friends what her dream ring and proposal would look like.

– Consult your friends who have done this before. You should find out how your friends went about picking an engagement ring. They could actually suggest to you a number of jewellery stores where they bought theirs and even where you are likely to find what you have in mind.

When you already have in mind how the ring will look, the next thing you do should be to walk in to a jewellery store.

Traditionally people would buy diamonds for engagement rings but nowadays people go for different rocks from sapphires to emeralds to rubies, and many more exotic options that some women prefer. If you go online to specialist NZ jewellery websites like www.orsini.co.nz, you will be able to get a variety of luxury brands that have specialised in the different varieties of rings available. Marco Bicego, Hulchi Belluni and bespoke custom designed engagement rings too. There are some fabulous engagement rings there.

As long as you have the technical details you need, let the jeweller guide you through. For many first-time buyers, all diamonds look the same and you might quickly settle for what you see first because of the excitement of seeing the shine and glamour in diamonds. What you should know however is that all diamonds are not the same and in fact the price you get first is not necessarily the best.

Here are some reasons why you may need the advice of a jeweller:

Metal type – Depending on the metal you think would best suit your partner whether it is yellow gold, silver, platinum or whichever metal, the prices for each would vary. Your jeweller will guide you through the prices and give you reasons why each metal costs whatever price that is placed on it. By now, you will have decided on your budget. There are engagement rings for any price from a thousand dollar rings to million dollar rings.

The next thing that your jeweller should help you through is the type of rock. Based on your partners taste. This is the most important part of the ring. Here is where the glamour and beauty of it lies. Find something that your partner would totally love. If you can give your jeweller the description, they would be able to help you pick one especially since you might not be able to identify what the rock is if you haven’t bought them before.

Rose gold engagement ring Auckland

Rose gold engagement ring Auckland

If you want something totally unique, your jeweller can help you design a bespoke NZ engagement ring it since they have been in the business for quite some time and unlike you they know what rings are unique and would stand out. If your partner loves having things unique to only them then you need a jeweller more than ever. Forget the advice from friends, what you need here is an experienced jeweller.

Your choice of ring will tell so much about you so be very careful when going about it. Your partner will really feel valued if you picked a beautiful ring that they can forever after look at and feel precious as the first time you gave it to them. Remember a proposal is something you only do once so do not be afraid to put your all in it when choosing an NZ engagement ring.

For more advice contact Sarah at Orsini’s Jewellery.