Hire Competent North Shore Gas Fitters

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Only Engage Trained Gas Fitters

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Even though many Aucklanders like the idea of Do-It-Yourself for home projects or renovations, some jobs are simply too risky to do yourself. One of these is anything related to installing gas appliances. This might be a new heating system or a cooker in the kitchen. Whichever, gas installations must only be carried out by a qualified gas fitter. North Shore plumbers are the people to look for.

If it is a newly constructed house, or a major renovation being done to your home, the building company can undertake many of the wide range of tasks to complete the job. However, one job that they do not carry out is anything to do with gas fitting. Even seasoned professional builders will call in a gas fitting company or a plumber to fit the gas appliances. And clearly, due to eh highly combustible nature of gas, it is extremely important that any gas installation is carried out correctly.

Skills of North Shore gas fitters

Gas fitting requires a range of skills that people cannot easily pick up without undergoing extensive training. These include understanding gas pressure, fitting pipes, how to commission and check the appliance is working, checking for gas leaks and making sure the stove or heating system is operating correctly. That is why even experienced builders do not carry out gas fitting work.

What Services Do Gas-Fitters Offer?

A gas-fitter does not only install cookers, water heaters and heating systems although these are the initial services they provide. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you have your appliances serviced at least once a year.

A good North Shore gas fitter will work for on larger projects for commercial customers as well as domestic installation for residential clients. Another area that requires gas-fitting services is for the many boat owners on the North Shore. It pays to have your on-board gas appliances checked by a local North Shore gas-fitting service.

Your Safety Is More Important

Servicing your major gas appliances such as heaters, cookers and boilers annually is more important. We have a contingent of service engineers who can carry out the tests to identify any issue that can pose danger and rectify them before harming your home or your family members. They will carry out annual tests and also service all your equipment at a small price. This gives you some piece of mind.

Note that in the event of an explosion, the insurance company can only validate your claim if the appliance is regularly serviced.

Ensure The Company Has Accredited Gas Fitters

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Before you hire a gas-fitter, make sure they are qualified to work on your appliances. Good plumbers are all certified Master Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Drain-layers. This is the highest qualifications available in New Zealand. They ensure that their work or the work of anyone they accredit is done competently. A master Gas-fitter is required to carry certificate to prove they are qualified so be sure to check the credentials of any North Shore gas-fitter you hire.

Finding North Shore Gas Fitters

The easiest way to find a qualified gas fitter on the North Shore is to search in Google. There are a number of plumbing companies but not all are certified Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters. so be sure you only contact those that have this accreditation. One such North Shore gas-fitter is Heron Plumbing. In fact they operate across most of Auckland. They have a number of trained engineers operating in the region so be sure to contact them when you need a North Shore gas-fitter.