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Why Are Cases of Separation And Divorce More Prevalent During The Holidays?

Holidays are regarded as a time for family togetherness, but they oddly have become known as the period when most divorces and family separations happen. A divorce or separation will mostly result in legal tussles that require the expertise of a North Shore divorce lawyer to mediate. But what are some of the reasons such cases tend to occur during the holiday season? A North Shore divorce lawyer has a few insights.


  1. Being Together For Long

North Shore DivorceFamily togetherness implies being there for each other, for better or worse. Couples or families that spend most of their time away from each other value the holidays because these are when they get together. Such closeness to each other warms the heart and will help those who have not been getting along well to mend things. But then again, being too much together for a while will see issues such as fighting for control of the TV, arguments of the split of household chores, and even feeling of lack of enough “me” time. At times, the differences can reach a point where the relationship needs to end for the good of all.


  1. Too Much Responsibility

Holiday seasons can quickly turn into a chaotic period. They may be a time for joyful sessions spent with family, and kids have a blast, but the same cannot be said for the parents. Things are worse when the weight of responsibilities and different tasks rest on one parent more than the other. It is a situation that causes the other to feel resented and grow tired of their partner. It is a matter that naturally leads to heated arguments can result in disagreements leading to separation or divorce.


  1. More Socialising

The family will feel bigger during the holidays as friends, and even in-laws come together. Such a gathering means people will be socialising, but this may not be the best time for such a thing for some people. For instance, a couple may not be at the best point in their relationship, thus not talking with each other. But come the holidays and one person is extremely happing chatting and catching up with friends and relatives at parties while the other is withdrawn and feeling spiteful. Such a thing leads to anger and resentment that balloons over time until it bursts.


  1. Children At Home From School

Schools are closed during the holidays, and that means children will mostly be at home for that period. If they cannot go about to play, then they are stuck indoor with their parents. Subsequently, they do not get to unleash their youthful energies. The encaged holiday excitement, coupled with an abundance of sugary treats and lack of toys, may intensify bad behaviour. The parent will be tasked with ensuring their kids stay in check and will not have a lot of time for themselves. Having to deal with overly excited children with pent-up holiday energies can have its toll on most parents’ mental and emotional state, making them wish they could ditch their parental and spousal woes and leave the family.


  1. Financial Matters

Money, or the lack thereof, is one of the most significant reasons families separate and couples divorce. Holidays are synonymous with spending money. And since families have their respective monetary burdens, the cost of getting the kids or other family members, some gifts can be stressful and overwhelming. It can push some people to feel unappreciated when they do not get the best gifts, and this has led to cases of separation and divorce.


  1. The Strain Of Having Stress

North Shore divorce lawyerThe inherent stresses of the holiday season can have some people on edge. They will lack the patience for some of the smaller issues, and this can have them easily enrages as the strain mounts. As such, they will often look at the negatives instead of the positives of life, thus reaching the notion that they are in a failing or failed relationship.


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