Remuera Villa Renovation

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Remuera villa renovation

Important Questions To Answer Before You Renovate Your Remuera Villa

A comprehensive Remuera villa renovation is easily the most ambitious do-it-yourself task available to most homeowners. Despite the expense and effort required to do the job properly, plenty of people consider a full renovation job to be a tremendous opportunity. Transforming every aspect of your living space has a certain appeal, doesn’t it? If you want to make your project run smoothly and improve the overall quality of your results, it’s vital that you invest plenty of thought in the planning process. Are you going to renovate every part of your home? Do you want to add more square footage with an expansion? How much professional assistance are you going to need? All of these questions and many more need to be answered before you start buying materials and swinging a hammer! Here are a few of the most important issues to consider:

Does Every Room Need Your Attention?

On the professional side of the construction industry, no contractor would start a project without having a detailed scope of work in hand. By considering your renovation job from a broad perspective you can gain a better understanding of just how ambitious your goals are. It’s very easy to get carried away with renovation plans when they’re all still theoretical, but you need to consider the real work and time involved in each change you intend to make.

You can get started by listing every room in your home. Once your list is complete, you can start noting down your renovation intentions for each one. This not only reveals the true extent of the work you want to do; it also gives you a useful breakdown of smaller jobs that may be easily handled independently.

The other valuable service that this room-by-room listing provides is giving you a starting point for estimating your overall costs. You can assign your own numbers to each room’s activities based on your research, but your list will also be a useful estimating tool for any contractors you bring into your project.

Are You Going To Expand?

As ambitious as a full Remuera villa renovation is, adding an extension to your villa is a guaranteed way to make your project even more complex. Adding new external structure to your home is extremely expensive, and additions have to be planned with care so that they enhance rather than detract from the layout of your existing rooms. Finally, building an extension will involve greater interaction with the local building authorities. Permits and inspections are required for extensions in virtually every community, and this regulatory oversight adds both time and cost to your villa renovation project.

Are Your Financial Resources Adequate?

Once you’ve developed a fairly firm cost estimate, you might think that the question “do you have the money to do this” would call for a straightforward yes or no answer. That’s not the case! You’ll need a healthy cash reserve to handle unexpected expenses that might come up in the course of the work. It’s also not possible to pin down the precise cost of your villa renovations until after all the work is finished; you’ll need to have extra money available to cover any overruns.

There’s no better way to end up regretting your renovation project in the middle of the job than diving in without preparing for it thoroughly first. Answering the sort of questions provided here is a great way to kick off the planning process and keep your expectation realistic. Good planning won’t guarantee you a hassle-free renovation experience, but it can definitely cut down on nasty surprises during the challenging work ahead!

If, after all this consideration, you think the project is going to take too much time, which it probably will, and cost too much, again it is very likely, then you might want to consider hiring a Remuera villa renovation company. Repair & Restore Ltd has worked on numerous villa renovations projects and would be happy to talk with you about your ideas. Contact them here or 021 285 1445.